Julia Brown

Julia Brown is a co-founder and the CEO of MindX Corporation, a neurotechnology and artificial intelligence company creating the world’s first brain-controlled smart glasses. Prior to starting MindX, Julia co-founded EpiWatch Inc., a digital health spin-out from Johns Hopkins that developed a seizure detection and chronic condition management platform for wearable and mobile devices. Julia created the technology underlying the EpiWatch software in collaboration with Apple Inc. and neurologists at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Earlier in her career, Julia helped to create and then manage the Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Technology Innovation Center, where she oversaw a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and clinical champions to create novel digital solutions that improve patient care.  In this capacity, she led the design, development, deployment, and commercialization efforts of more than twenty clinically integrated applications, many of which were spun out into independent startup companies. Julia started her entrepreneurial journey as an Associate at Ashoka, an organization that identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, where she created algorithms to enhance community connectedness on their Changemakers platform and participated in research and development on the dynamics of social ventures.